Complete Grannie Sarah's Home

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Grannie Sarah cares for two orphaned grandchildren.  The renovation has begun on Sarah's home.   In order for the house to be suitable for Sarah and her family to live in, windows must be shuttered, doors installed, and the house must be plastered.  In addition, JOMA plans to build a small rabbit house. Sarah's son, Pius has built a rabbit house himself with clay and sticks, but a more secure structure is needed to keep the rabbits safe. 

Sarah is so grateful for the gift of a new home, saying,  “Words can never express my feelings, but all I can say is that for the very first time in my life, I will without shame invite and host visitors.

Your gift will complete the construction of Sarah's home, blessing them with a good home and with the opportunity host others.  You will also bless Pius with a secure house for the rabbits he takes such good care of.