Renovate Grannie Kabra's Home

Regular price $2,800.00

Kabra currently has 3 orphans under her care. Kabra's health has been declining over the past year.  She suffers from Parkinson's disease and she is no longer able to work to provide for her family. Kabra has diligently taught her grandchildren to work in the backyard gardens and produce food for themselves. The family also keeps some poultry and pigs. 

We had previously hoped Kabra would be able to live in a home with her daughter. Sadly there was a disagreement over the land.  Kabra would like to rebuild a small hut so she and her grandchildren can live peacefully.  In addition, Kabra needs to build a small pigpen to protect their pigs and poultry from theft. 

Your gift will bless Kabra and her grandchildren with a home where they can live in peace. Kabra's health leaves her often confused, having a renovated home will be a great blessing to her as her health continues to decline and provide secure housing for her grandchildren.