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Braille or Audio Bibles

Braille or Audio Bibles

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The gift of Braille and audio Bibles allows individuals at CEMIPRE to learn how to read Braille and understand the truths of the gospel.

Ministry Partner: CEMIPRE

Location: Valparaíso, Chile

CEMIPRE serves families and individuals with vision impairment (low vision or blindness). While the average age of a participant is 50, CEMIPRE has recently added occupational therapy services for children ages 516. Every serviceoccupational therapy, speech therapy, language therapy, Braille instruction, and computer literacy trainingis bathed in the gospel. Rather than focusing on a diagnosis or a disability, the ministry highlights each participant's value and dignity.

CEMIPRE involves family and friends as much as possible to educate and encourage program participants. A devoted group of local pastors and church members teach beneficiaries 30-minute devotionals twice a week. Local church involvement has increased over the years, a shift from rejecting people with disabilities to welcoming them into their fellowships.

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