Build a Home for Grannie Magdalene

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Grannie Ageo Magdalene is 70 years old. Her son died of AIDS, leaving behind nine children by two mothers.  Magdalene takes care of four orphaned grandchildren. The other five are in the care of their mother.

Magdalene lives in a grass-thatched house with her grandchildren. She depends entirely on subsistence farming just to get enough food to feed her grandchildren.  Magdalene's hut is on a half-acre of land.  Through training and better equipment, Magdalene can expand her garden, producing a greater harvest for both food and income. 

Grannie Magdalene needs a new home.  Heart & Hands plans to hire workers to build her a brick home with a roof made from iron sheets.  This will be a great improvement for Magdalene and her grandchildren, providing them a more secure and comfortable home. 

Your gift will bless Magdalene and her grandchildren with a new home, providing security, comfort, and greatly improving their quality of life.