Build a Home for Grannie Mary Angwec

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Mary is the most vulnerable of the grannies cared for by Heart & Hands. She lives in a rented room with her three orphaned grandchildren.  As a renter, Mary does not have a secure, permanent home.  Culturally, Mary is considered to be homeless. It is crucial for Mary and her three grandchildren to have their own home.  In order to do this, a plot of land must be purchased and a new home built.  Heart & Hands plans to purchase one plot of land to be shared by Mary and Ida.

Mary is HIV positive. Despite a willingness to work, her illness has left Mary too weak to sustain a reliable business. She depends on the help of Heart & Hands to provide for her family. 

When describing the support of Heart & Hands, Mary said, “I saw that people were really tired of me because they knew me for begging. I am grateful to God and to you, now I am a vendor of foodstuff, and I am happy that I am able to provide food for my grandchildren, even if it is just once a day."

Your gift will provide Mary and her family with a safe, secure, and permanent home.  This concrete house will be a blessing to Mary as she struggles with illness while caring for her orphaned grandchildren.