Complete Grannie Agnes' Home

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Grannie Agnes is 58 years old and cares for her 13-year-old granddaughter, Rachel.  Last year Oakseed was able to provide Agnes with a prosthetic leg through generous donations. Sadly, Agnes was hospitalized for several months this year due to deep wounds in her remaining leg. She has now returned home and is practicing using her prosthetic leg. Despite her health challenges, Agnes is a very hardworking lady and tries her best to do things for herself and ease the load on her granddaughter Rachel. Agnes and her granddaughter earn a living from selling second-hand children's clothing.

Agnes began building a new home for herself and Rachel in 2017 before falling ill and losing a leg and several fingers. Since then Agnes has been unable to complete construction and she and Rachel live in the shell of the planned home.  Agnes is a cheerful woman who loves the Lord and is grateful for the ways He has used Heart and Hand to provide for her and Rachel.

Agnes and Rachel need help to complete their home. Your gift will bless them with a safe and finished home and allow Agnes to see her plans for a house come to fruition.