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Oakseed Ministries

Gift of Water (with Physical Water Bottle)

Gift of Water (with Physical Water Bottle)

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Around the globe, Oakseed’s ministry partners couple bringing water to those in need with offering a drink from the "water welling up to eternal life" (John 4:14).

By gifting water to ministry partners, you can meet real physical needs — such as clean drinking water, water for personal hygiene, or water for crops—while pointing the lost to drink from Jesus' well that will quench their spiritual thirst. Fourteen of Oakseed’s ministry partners use water to bless those they serve by meeting water needs. Gifts toward water ministry provide opportunities to share the gospel and show the love of God.

As a thank you for supporting life-giving ministry, Oakseed would like to send you a special water bottle as a reminder to keep praying for those around the world who need to taste the eternal water Jesus offers.

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