New home for Grannie Esther

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Grannie Apolot Esther benefitted from an income-generating grant through the bazaar catalog last year. She began a garden and was selling food items, including groundnuts, silverfish, and cassava chips.  Her business was making profits, and she re-invested into more seeds. Sadly, during a drought,  Grannie Esther lost her crop. She has not given up on this business and replanted beans ad maize. She is hoping for a better harvest this year.  Grannie Esther wants to diversify her business by selling clothing in addition to food items.  Clothing is a more profitable and reliable product since it is not dependant on good weather.  

Grannie Esther and her two young sons live in a tiny hut with a thatched roof.  She needs a better home for her family.  Heart & Hands has developed plans to build her a new brick and cement home. 

Your gift will provide Esther and her sons with a comfortable, secure home.