Renovate Grannie Annett's Home

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Grannie Annett was the recipient of a grandmother support grant to begin an onion garden.  She has proven to be one of the most resilient and faithful stewards of the grant.  Annett collects her harvest and uses some for food and saves some for replanting.  The remaining harvest she sells or gives generously to Heart and Home staff and other grannies. She has impressively expanded her small business to sell other food items and second-hand clothing. 

Annett lives in a small hut and needs help with renovations.  Annett works diligently to keep her home clean and kept up, but this is difficult due to the condition of the building.  

Your gift will bless Annett with a home that is safe, secure, and easier to maintain.  It will also encourage Annett as she continues to be a wise steward of the gifts and opportunities God is giving her through Heart & Hands.