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Morning Light

Stipend and Bus Vouchers for Volunteer Tutors

Stipend and Bus Vouchers for Volunteer Tutors

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Volunteer tutors travel by public transportation to visit impoverished children to help with classwork, as many parents are unable to assist their child. Your gift will provide a stipend and bus voucher for tutors.

Ministry Partner: Morning Light

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This ministry is a refuge for the needy, serving 243 widows, single mothers, and orphans in the slums outside of Addis Ababa. Children are given meals, medical attention if needed, tutoring in various subjects, and can participate in fun activities. Women receive job training, health care, counseling, and income-generating opportunities. With this support, they gain self-esteem and can provide for the basic needs of their families. Morning Light has a holistic approach to ministry that meets physical needs while sharing the comfort and refuge found in Christ.

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