Hanna Orphan's Home

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Hanna Orphan’s Home cares for children, most of whom have tragically lost their parents to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. HOH’s main program involves caring for and raising 51 orphans among eight different family settings, each with a house mother, who is employed to live with and take care of the children. Their secondary program involves providing support services to over 200 vulnerable children in their community. Children in both programs are enrolled in school and go to Hanna Orphan’s Home after school each day, where they receive a daily meal and participate in Bible studies.

Children have been conducting virtual learning through either radio or television, as schools remain shut down due to the coronavirus. HOH social workers have been traveling between the homes to care for the emotional needs of the children during this difficult time. Children within the community program receive additional food and financial support, as most parents have lost all sources of income.

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