Teen Ministry

Cairo, Egypt

Teen Ministry seeks to win to Christ and improve the lives of severely impoverished teenage girls living in the “garbage city” of Cairo, Egypt. Teen Ministry primarily teaches these young girls to find joy in Christ; much of their time is devoted to praying and studying the Bible. Teen Ministry teaches girls who have never been taught hygiene or cleanliness how to wash and make changes to improve their health through hygiene in their homes and families. In the area that Teen Ministry operates, girls are often abused and neglected. Teen Ministry shows them genuine love, often for the first time in their lives. Teen Ministry also educates the girls and provides them with medical and dental care.

Teen Ministry was forced to close the center during the coronavirus lockdown period. However, they have now reopened with increased cleaning protocols. Girls are finding refuge again in this place. Teen Ministry has also provided food to the girls and their families, either picked up at the center or delivered to their homes.

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