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Reformed Heart Orphans Center

One-year school fees for high school student

One-year school fees for high school student

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Reaching high school is a big milestone for orphans. Your gift will provide one-year of school fees for a high school student.

Ministry Partner: Reformed Heart Orphans Center

Location: Kisii, Kenya

Reformed Heart Orphans Center (RHOC) cares for 35 orphans within seven homes at RHOC and families from their local church. The children in their care are orphaned from the AIDS/HIV epidemic and political unrest. RHOC believes "that every child deserves a loving home, a family and parents or caretakers who cater to the child's physical and emotional well-being and development. We believe that children belong in homes and families and not in institutions." It is with this commitment that RHOC is caring for orphans in the name of Christ, instructing them in solid, Biblical teaching.

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