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Love Link

Baby starter kit

Baby starter kit

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Your gift will provide diapers, formula, and baby wipes to a severely malnourished child.

Ministry Partner: Love Link

Location: San Salvador, El Salvador
Love Link serves 800 families from the slums of San Salvador, El Salvador.

Malnourished babies and children (ages 5 and under) are referred to the center from local hospitals. Most of the babies brought to Love Link are near death when they arrive. Many mothers are malnourished and unable to produce breast milk to nourish their babies.

Due to poverty, families cannot afford formula to provide adequate nutrition for their infants. Love Link provides round-the-clock care for up to 25 babies at a time, nourishing them, and providing continued medical care and nutritious food after discharge. Love Link also shares the gospel with their families, offering hope and comfort, and connecting them to local churches for discipleship and support.


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