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Love Never Fails

Microloans for Women Making Fresh Starts

Microloans for Women Making Fresh Starts

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Your gift will bless a woman making a fresh start at Love Never Fails with a microloan to earn money for herself and her family.

Ministry Partner: Love Never Fails

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Love Never Fails seeks to decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS and free women from a life of prostitution. Love Never Fails cares for the daily physical needs of men and women living with AIDS, encourages HIV testing, provides AIDS awareness programs, and leads training to de-stigmatize the disease. In addition, the ministry offers both income-generating activities for prostitutes and educational support for children so that vulnerable women and children will have the job skills to be self-sufficient. Love Never Fails cares with the compassion of Christ, taking every opportunity to share the hope of the gospel to change lives.

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