Buenos Aires, Argentina

SACDEM works with marginalized groups that have been rejected by society, including but not limited to prisoners, the mentally ill, people living in extreme poverty, and children born in prison. SACDEM develops prison Bible studies, offering counseling and help to inmates to make the depth of God’s forgiveness and grace understandable. SACDEM helps newly released prisoners reintegrate into society. In Argentina, children born to mothers in prison live with their mothers in the penitentiary system until they turn four. SACDEM takes care of these children of prisoners weekly, offering them a safe place to play and a break from the prison environment. After the child turns four and leaves prison, SACDEM continues to provide foster care for those who have no other relatives to care for them.

SACDEM has faced unique challenges this year as they continue their ministry through the pandemic changes. Inmates were released from prisons using inmate tracking bracelets this Spring to avoid widespread coronavirus throughout detention centers. Many inmates were released without a support network, so SACDEM staff worked to maintain counseling and accountability for these men and women to continue on the straight and narrow path.