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Give a gift to Fountain of Life Christian School

Give a gift to Fountain of Life Christian School

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Your gift will be used where it is most needed to provide excellent Christian education to the students at FLCS.

Ministry Partner: Fountain of Life Christian School

Location: Juan Tomás, Dominican Republic

Fountain of Life Christian School (FLCS) serves over 550 children in the impoverished area of Juan Tomás, Dominican Republic. FLCS is a Christian school under the sponsorship of the local church with the aim of evangelizing and educating the poor of the village. The teachers in this close-knit community create a safe environment, are dedicated to excellence in education, and share Jesus with students.

Administrators and local government school teachers send their own children to FLCS, highlighting the caliber of the education and care received there. Many parents and children became followers of Christ and joined the local church through this ministry.


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