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Give a gift to Lily of the Valleys

Give a gift to Lily of the Valleys

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Your gift will be used where it is most needed to provide Bible-based residential drug and alcohol care at Lily of the Valleys. 

Ministry Partner: Lily of the Valleys

Location: Catanduva, Brazil

Lily of the Valleys is a Bible-based residential drug and alcohol care program in Catanduva, Brazil. The ministry helps teenage girls and women escape the prison of addiction to find freedom in Christ. Lily of the Valleys emphasizes the gospel in treatment programs, believing only an encounter with Jesus can free addicts from spiritual and physical bondage.

As women of all ages are brought to the facility, they receive counseling and medical care. They also receive spiritual care– introduced to the love of Christ, their worth as ones created in His image, and the freedom the gospel extends. Over the past 30 years, women have graduated from Lily of the Valleys with testimonies of how the Lord changed their hearts and desires, helped them repent of sin, and gave them satisfaction in Him alone.


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