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Light of the World

Vocational Training and Self-Employment Resources

Vocational Training and Self-Employment Resources

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A woman will receive vocational training and resources to become self-employed. This allows a woman to earn income for her family and instills a sense of self-worth.

Ministry Partner: Light of the World

Location: Nagpur, India

Light of the World serves the poor of Nagpur, India in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Light of the World operates multiple churches, a school that provides nursery to primary level education for children unable to afford to get into the local schools, and a vocational center that teaches tailoring, dress design and computer science. Light of the World has also recently started a slum mentorship program that has already reached over 150 children. Children in the slums are at high risk of joining gangs or being forced into trafficking.  Youth Camps provide key mentorship opportunities as well as engaging children in safe activities. 

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