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Grannie Medical Care

Grannie Medical Care

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The grannies cared for by JOMA often go years without medical care. Your gift ensures their medical needs are met.

Ministry Partner: Jars of Oil Mission Africa

Location: Lira, Hoima, and Amuria, Uganda

Jars of Oil Mission Africa (JOMA) ministers to elderly widows (affectionately referred to as grannies) who lost their children to AIDS and now take care of their grandchildren.  As these families walk through grief, JOMA steps into the pain by providing the support and hope required to keep moving forward. The ministry compassionately breaks through the shame and stigma associated with AIDS to meet physical and spiritual needs with the hope of the gospel.  

These grannies live in deep poverty and can barely meet their own needs, let alone the unexpected needs of grandchildren now in their care.  Many of the grannies suffer from HIV or other illnesses, so JOMA arranges medical treatment for them. JOMA also helps the grannies enroll their orphans into local schools and has established a program to improve housing for recipients. 
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